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Friday, February 08, 2008

Donor made millions on 11 dollars an hour mill job, gives to charity

When I first read about this story I was amazed. How can a guy working in a mill become a millionaire? Afterall, even though I work in non-profit, I'm sure I must make more than him a year. The more I read about him however, the more I realized that he didn't really make money from working in the mill as much as he made the money in investing in real estate property; renting them out to tenants. He also invested in the stockmarket and kept his expenses low by not having a family and buying his clothes at thrift shops. Not having a TV or paying for cable also probably helped in keeping costs down.

Now some people criticize him for hoarding all that money, and say that he must not have had a good life since he's not married. What does the guy do for fun as well, considering he doesn't even watch TV or read books? Well, he listens to CDs, hangs out with friends, and now donates to charity, what else can you ask for? Though the article did mention that he drives to the library in his old Isuzu, which I find interesting since he doesn't read books. But since he does read newspapers maybe that's what he reads there.

To me he also sounds like a hopeless romantic, having lost the love of his life at a tender age. I respect him for that. Who here has not been completely in love and been devasted by a loss or a break up? I can understand how some people can never get over such a traumatic experience. In a way that's honorable, more so than running around and sleeping with a lot of people. But who knows, maybe he did that as well, but why criticize a guy, or gal, for not getting married? Critics should cut the guy some slack. At least he's giving some of his fortunate away to charity and to the future children of America. In the end it's what you leave behind that matters, whether it's your children or a swimming pool.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Don't forget the separation of church and state

Vote it!

I voted!

Well, for the first time since becoming an American citizen I voted in a presidential primary. I must admit it was a bit anticlimactic, I was expecting huge crowds and balloons, but everything was sane and in order. No balloons, and no clowns either, which is nice, because clowns really freak me out. Honestly, what people hide their faces apart from pedophiles and bank robbers?

Being a real immigrant I also laminated my voting slip which I will show my children and grandchildren when they get older. This will teach them about civic engagement and how people have lost their lives for the freedom to vote and choose. Dammit voting is as American as apple pie and bass fishing! I'll also tell them that I escaped Old Europe to get away from the potato famine and religious persecution.

Anyhow, I'm proud to do my little part in the grand scheme of things. Voting is something that everybody should do, and you definitely should use it before you lose it.